About Us

Dear Parents,

If a girl is educated, a mother grows up, and if a mother reads, all humanity is enlightened.

Beloved parents who respect and support the right to education of girls and enthusiastically accompany them to their life goals;

  • Where's she going to eat?
  • How's she gonna clean her room??
  • Does she need anything?
  • Where is she, what is she doing?
  • Anything happen to her?

First of all, we understand your fears, concerns and worries in this process as BMA family and solve these fears with our services.

''Your daughter has her breakfast every morning at the BMA and eats her dinner, the room was over-cleaned on the day, she can also make tea and coffee in her room while studying.She has a TV and a bathroom in her room. If she gets tired of studying alone, she can go down to the study room. If you want to see, you can talk to video via wi-fi. In BMA, which has private security and dormitory manager, the entrance time of the dormitory is also determined, otherwise you will be informed immediately.''

Peace of mind, your daughter is safe in the comfortable area of ​​BMA.

Dear female students

You've been studying for a long time. This uncertainty during the election period was very difficult and exhausted you. 
But now everything is clear and you are researching the dormitory in Istanbul.

We congratulate you, now you are in the first step of taking responsibility for life. As BMA, we share this responsibility with you and turn it into joy..

How Does ?

  • As BMA, we organize various cultural trips, workshops and seminars in line with your request.
  • On certain days, we enjoy tea in the garden and watch movies in the relaxation room.
  • We help you to meet your friends from different departments in the dormitory and make friends living in different cities.

We are waiting for you as your motivation area on the way to success.


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